Zeit Travel

Case Study


Zeit, a fictitious subsidiary of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire, is the first time-travel tourism agency. Offerings include controlled visits of various lengths to dates and locations in the past. Each trip includes activities typical of the time, with limited interaction with locals. Travelers will not have any direct interaction with major historical events. The site should feel familiar and trustworthy.

Problem Statement

Users need a familiar and trustworthy booking site so that they can discover and book time travel vacation experiences.


UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer


Two months


Figma, Maze, OptimalSort, Adobe Photoshop

Design Process & Contents



Persona, Competitor Comparison, User Interviews

Through evaluating competitors, I determined the main features for Zeit. User interviews allowed me to determine pain points and favorite features of the sites they’ve used in the past. 

The information collected was used to formulate the persona and was valuable when iterating on features and options that would make the trip search experience meaningful and appealing.


Information Architecture

Card Sorting, Site Map, Sketches

As a guide for the full scope of Zeit’s site pages and features, I created a site map, and then sketched the pages of the main user flow that I would ultimately design.


Interaction Design

User Flow, Task Flow, Wireframes

Building upon the site map and sketches, I created the main user flow, task flow, and wireframes and iterated to include improvements as I worked toward the final design.


UI Design

Branding, Logo, UI Kit

Zeit’s logo branding goal is modern and fresh while also portraying the idea of traveling back in time. My minimalist logo design accomplishes those goals and can be easily adapted with clear brand recognition to a favicon and small logo style.

The UI kit sticks to a dark and stark palette with pops of bright orange. This clean styling allows the trip location images to take center stage.



Usability Testing, Affinity Mapping, Iteration, Prototype

Zeit Homepage Wireframe UpdatedZeit Desktop Homepage Design

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